Document management System

Elektronik Doküman Yönetim Sistemi

DocCastle doküman yönetim sistemi süreçleri hızlandırır, riski düşürür ve operasyonel maliyetleri azaltır.

What is electronic document management?

Electronic Document management System (EBYS) is a software system that provides the technology and methods necessary to gather, manage, share and secure information within the organization.

When it comes to DocCastle document management system, it includes electronic documents, pictures, e-mail messages and other computer files, scanned paper documents, electronic forms, and more. All document formats, electronic files, or converted paper documents can be managed in the DocCastle (EDYS).

With the DocCastle document management system, you can easily find and retrieve information. You can search for full-text searches, content of files, even scanned paper files, and quickly find what you're looking for. This eliminates the time spent searching for files, eliminates the problems of rebuilding files that are not found, and makes more use of the information.

You can host the DocCastle document management system in the office or cloud environment. In either case, you have the option to make both desktop (integrated Windows) and Web access for people who are traveling or working in the office. People authorized by you can access files on your secure document management system across the Internet worldwide. Learn more about on-premises, cloud, desktop, and browser-based alternatives for the DocCastle document management system.

Benefits of DocCastle (EDYS)

The DocCastle document management system enables both document managers and documents to run these processes in a digital environment easily and quickly, while creating or using them during their business activities.

The DocCastle document management system helps your organization:


  • Easily access and process all information and documents in the organization from a single center.
  • Setting policies and standards.
  • Creation and proclamation of procedures and principles.
  • Design, implement, and manage custom systems for managing documents.
  • Assigning responsibilities and authorizations.
  • To provide a range of services related to the management and use of documents.
  • Integrate document management into business systems and processes.
  • Productivity and productivity in business processes.
  • Compliance with regulatory, legal and quality requirements.
  • Consistency and repeatability of business operations.
  • Faster process cycle times.
  • Elimination of paper-based costs, storage fees and shipments.
  • More consistent and easy business continuity planning.

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