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Frequently Asked Questions


I ordered. What will happen now?

When your order reaches our expert team, you will be contacted and asked which way to pay. When the payment process is complete, your licenses will be activated, installation via remote connection, and training to be given.

Does DocCastle run on the cloud or on my computer?

DocCastle is a masasironing application and works on your computer or Business Server. The system consists of a centralized database where documents are stored and an application that allows you to work by connecting to this database. The entire system, including the database, is in your control.

Where will the documents be stored? Do I need a server?

No, you don't need a server. 70% of DocCastle customers run the database on their computer. This database stored in documents is regularly backed up to an external disk to prevent possible data loss.

We don't have a server and want to run it on my own computer. How will other users connect?

Other computers running on the same network will work by connecting to the computer where the central database is installed. The DocCastle desktop application will be installed on each computer, and these applications are connected to a single central database in the background.

Can DocCastle work with any brand of scanner?

Yes. DocCastle can easily receive documents from any type of scanner connected to your computer via USB or network.


What is DocCastle?

DocCastle is a 100% domestic engineering document management system produced, developed and distributed by VOLSOFT SOFTWARE. DocCastle is a system that can manage the entire electronic information management in an organization. They can be summarized roughly as follows; Documents management, document management, quality management, business flow Management, office automation, KEP, E-signature, E-Invoice, Intranet, messaging, mail management and more.

What is Document Management System?

The document management system is the process of managing documents and expectations in a digital environment throughout the lifecycle. Starting from the beginning, it covers the process of creating, reviewing, storing, archiving, sharing and destroying, and more.

How will DocCastle benefit my business?

The DocCastle document management system allows you to manage all documents and information in the business electronically. Using DocCastle, you can instantly access, process, submit and share with other people the documents and information you are looking for. This way of working is called "Paperless office". In addition, DocCastle allows you to easily create and edit Office documents such as Word and Excel without needing any external program. This allows you to manage all documents for free in a single system without paying the MS Office program.

Is DocCastle different from other document management systems?

Yes. DocCastle is a high-engineering system manufactured using modern technologies. The advantages it offers from standard systems and its technical superiors are quite different. DocCastle is at the same level as the world-giant technology firms ' millions of dollars sold systems. Even some of the features are superior.

Is it difficult to purchase, install, and adapt employees to the system?

No. DocCastle has a modular structure that scales according to the organization's needs. This allows you to purchase only the features you will use and keep the cost of the purchase to a minimum. The installation of the system takes quite short and is easily activated. In addition, user friendly and easy interface allows users to adapt to the system in a short time.

On which operating system and devices does DocCastle work?

The web version of DocCastle works on all operating systems and devices (mobile, tablet, PC, etc.). This allows you to easily access the system from anywhere in the world and from any device. The DocCastle web version is literally a system that differs from the versions that other systems have launched under the name "Web Access". All features available on the desktop version are also available on the web. The desktop version also works on all Windows computers.

How does DocCastle archive documents and information?
Many programs on the market store documents that are scanned or inserted from a computer as a standard file in a folder on the server. There are countless drawbacks to this method. Unlike these programs, DocCastle stores and archives all documents and information in the database.
What kind of documents can be stored in DocCastle?

Any computer-generated file or scanned image can be stored in the DocCastle. The system supports all existing document types on the world.


I want help!

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How safe is DocCastle?

DocCastle is unbeatable when it comes to security. DocCastle stores documents by encrypting them in a private database. It is not possible to display documents in this database by unauthorized Windows Explorer or other tools. On other standard systems, the documents are stored in the folder and are not encrypted, so there is no such security layer.

Can DocCastle protect documents against ransom viruses such as cryptolocker?

Absolutely yes, the DocCastle database cannot access any viruses in the documents and information. In this way, a strict and based security layer is provided against Cryptolocker and similar ransomware that have badly impacting many organizations in the recent period. On the other hand, there is no such layer of protection in other standard document management programs.

Can DocCastle compress scanned documents?
Yes, DocCastle uses industry-standard compression techniques with cutting-edge technology on scanned documents. A compressed document is approximately 50-100 KB without any visual loss. This allows you to store millions of documents on a single disk without much space.
How do I control access to my documents?

All versions of DocCastle have a powerful security methodology that sets the privileges of users and groups. This authorization system allows an administrator to set user permissions for each function of the program. Closing automatically after a certain period of inactivity will also guarantee the confidentiality of your stored documents.

Does DocCastle keep an audit trail in each document?

Yes. The DocCastle document maintains an audit trail on each document, known as the event log. The document records all operations that occur on the document by following the information such as the event log, the event date, the time, and the user performing the action. This ensures that every transaction made by users is backward-traceable and transparency is ensured.

Does DocCastle provide document security?
Definitely. You can create a security layer based on the user's input for any object in DocCastle. DocCastle also grants permissions to a user or group for almost every function of the program, including the ability to create objects (cabinets, drawers, folders, documents, or fields) that are not visible based on users ' logons Allows you to customize the This security function provided by DocCastle is a key element in compliance with the ISO, TSE and government regulations.

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