Document Scan & Capture

Document Scanning & E-Archiving

Easily digitize and attach any type of document to the archive with DocCastle EDMS.

What is it?

Document scanning and electronic archiving is the physical document being scanned through a scanner and transmitted to electronic media. The life cycles of all documents and documents transmitted from the physical environment to the document management system begin in this way. It is very easy to digitize documents using the DocCastle electronic archiving system. The System connection type works in compliance with all known browsers without the brand and model. Documents are added to the browser and the scan from System command is completed. The system detects the scanner’s features and automatically determines the optimal scan settings.


  • Import, digitize, and archive documents from each browser independently of the brand and model
  • Support all types of connections, such as Network, Wi-Fi, or USB
  • TWAıN,, WıA, and ISıS driver support
  • Scanning in A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, and other custom document sizes
  • Feeder, multi and single scan
  • Dublex (double-sided) scanning
  • Color or Magic white scan
  • Document refinement and size reduction


  • Easily digitize and archive all inbound/outbound documents in your business
  • If you already have browsers that you use, you continue unchanged
  • Scan documents in bulk to provide time design
  • Checks etc. Archive other two-sided documents with one click
  • DocCastle reduces the size of scanned documents, thereby reducing your storage cost