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DocCastle offers all the features you need while doing your job in one package.
Feature & Module

Standard Package

Enterprise Package




Every brand of browser compatibility (Network, USB)

Import a single document from a browser

Import multiple documents from the scanner (feeder)

Double-sided scanning

Compress and correct scanned documents

Scan to multi-document STOPFF & PDF

Convert OCR (optical character recognition) to scanned text format

Barcode reading and splitting from scanned documents




Centralized database (electronic archive, documents and knowledge Base)

View PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF file formats

Create PDF, STOPOVER, PNG, and JPEG without needing an external program

Add virtual notes without disturbing the original version of documents (Annotations)

Quick document search and filtering on a benchmark basis

Send documents electronically for approval

Receive notification and email about approval processes

Create an unlimited approval process

Process attendance performance report on a per user basis

Send documents as e-mail

Add Reminders to Documents

Versioning and failback

Create an unlimited document hierarchy

Unlimited document hosting in a single document

Add any type of digital file as an attachment

Ability to relate to documents

Ability to enter Meta information and descriptions

View DWG, DWF, DıCOM, SVG, and + 100 file format




Logo, Micro, SAP etc. Seamless integration into systems

Legal-qualified Electronic signature integration

KEP (registered electronic mail) integration

E-Invoice Integration

E-Ledger integration

WEB Service Integration




Easily back up documents to the cloud

Share a document on the cloud with one click

Google Drive Integration (manage Google Drive files from within the system)

Dropbox integration (Managing Dropbox files from within the system)

Ability to import files from the cloud into the system




Create an unlimited form template

Create a template from an Excel document

Turn off editing of specific areas of templates

Submit generated forms to approval and track confirmation processes

User and department-based authorization




Create a Word document without needing an external program

Create an Excel document without needing an external program

Connect to databases and create reports

95% compatibility with Office files




Create a workflow on an object basis

Create a workflow based on a document

Create a workflow on an incident basis

Creating complex scenarios

Control Flow, Flowchart, Messaging Activities, Transaction, and so on. Activities

CreateObject, DeleteObject, FindByCriteria, and so on. Object operations




Easy-to-learn use of users of all levels

A carefully designed user-friendly, modern and enterprise interface

English user interface and help documents

Specially positioned button and layuot structure to facilitate use

Search, add, and delete records without leaving the work screen

Search all data on the system using a single search box

Optional transactional (transactional) and immadiate (instant) Save structure

Ability to change the name and location of each field on the screen

Navigation area and navigation buttons that facilitate navigating the recordings




Windows Application (Desktop)

WEB application that lets you connect to the system from anywhere in the world

IOS, Android and Windows Phone apps

On-Premise (local server installation)

Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. Cloud Installation and Hosting




Public document Bank with external access (database)

User-based session control

Authorization based on user and department

Define authorization for each object in the system

Create and assign authorization groups to multiple users

Defining authorization on a per-criterion basis

Detailed access control and tracking

Automatic backup and restore

Effective protection against pests such as viruses and ransomware

256 Bit document encryption

Define custom jurisdictions on documents




Storing all documents and information in the database as binary

Documents (approx.) X10 fold compression and resolving

MSSQL, SQLTE database support

ORACLE, MYSQL and POSTRESQL database support


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