Cryptolocker Protection

Cryptolocker and so on. DocCastle offers the most effective solution against ransomware.

What is Cryptolocker?

CryptoLocker is a ransomware program released at the beginning of September 2013, targeting all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. This ransomware encrypts certain files using the RSA and AES encryption mix. Displays a CryptoLocker payment screen that prompts you to send a ransom of $100 or $300 to decrypt files after you finish encrypting your files. This screen will also display a timer indicating that you have 72 hours or 4 days to pay the ransom. If there is no payment during this time, your encryption key will be deleted and there is no way to decrypt your files. This ransom must be paid using MoneyPak vouchers or Bitcoins. When the payment is sent and verified, the program decrypts the files that it encrypted.

How does DocCastle protect you?

These ransomware programs often come with an email attachment that persuades the user to be safe. When the user opens and runs the attachment, the program does its job in the background and displays a screen that tells the user to pay when finished. If no payment is made, all your documents will be unavailable. This virus can lead to major damages especially for businesses and is quite common.

The DocCastle document management system is not an anti-virus software and cannot prevent such harmful programs from leaking into your computer. However, the main purpose of this type of malicious virus is to access files and encrypt 100%. The DocCastle document management system stores all your documents and information in an isolated and secure data bank. No matter how hard the virus tries, it can’t encrypt the data bank. Because the data bank is protected by an external process and no outside intervention is allowed. Even if the virus infects your computer, your important information is completely secure. When your computer is formatted, you get rid of the virus and resume your work from where you left off.

Benefits of DocCastle isolated data bank

Unlike standard systems, the DocCastle document management system stores all documents and information in a database (data bank). This database is based on the business needs of MSSQL, ORACLE, MYSQL etc. Systems. In this way, the system can offer many safety features that other systems cannot offer.

Kağıtsız Ofis

The DocCastle document management system helps your isolated data bank organization:

  • Cryptolocker etc. Creates a strict and secure layer against ransomware.
  • This prevents harmful programs from damaging your important documents and data.
  • There is a definite protection against other types of viruses.
  • You don’t need to back up your documents one by one, just a database backup.
  • The document you are working on is always up-to-date, secure and protected.
  • You will receive the backup against hardware failures, not for security.
  • Virus infection of a computer on your network does not affect documents on other computers.
  • You will be impressed by these software to avoid paying unsafe resources.
  • Your company prestige is protected, IT security vulnerabilities are unknown by unsafe sources.
  • and provides a lot of benefits.

The DocCastle document management system effectively protects your business against malicious programs that even anti-virus software cannot prevent, as well as unrivalled features.


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