Biometric Signature Technology

Take legally valid digital signatures from your tablet and mobile phone.

What is a biometric signature?

Biometric signature Verification technology uses hand-written signature behavior Biometers to authenticate a computer user. Biometric signature verification is done by analyzing the shape, speed, impact, pen pressure and timing information during the signing process.  Biometric signature verification, instead of a password or PIN number, is a biometric technology that is used to accurately identify a person’s handwriting signature.

DocCastle Biometric signature scanning technology uses different aspects of the signature to authenticate people. In contrast to the comparison of visual images of the DocCastle signatures, it examines the behavioral components of the signature, such as the stroke sequence, speed and pressure. Unlike traditional signature comparison technologies, signature screening measures the physical activity of signing. In this way, the signature is verified only by the signature owner.

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Advantages of DocCastle Biometric signature

DocCastle Biometric Signature Scanning technology brings your business to a completely paperless working environment. You can sign without dealing with physical paper documents or receive signatures from your customers. It is easy to identify whether the signed documents have been modified later. In addition, the system meets world-class safety criteria.

Because a dynamic biometric signature is a handwriting signature, it retains the proven benefits of paper signature and is always available in contrast to other electronic methods.


  • Disappear
  • Not transferable
  • Cannot be used without prompto
  • Eliminates paper usage
  • Delivers the closest signing experience to a paper signature
  • By signing with handwriting, it permits real-time signature verification to identify the signer.
  • Strong asymmetric encryption ensures that signatures and signed documents are tamper-proof.
  • Converts a hand-written signature to a legally qualified signature that is equivalent to wet ink.


Commercial organizations

Communication Services (PSTN and GSM operators, Internet, digital TV, etc.) subscription services (electricity, water etc.) Hotels, realtors, travel agencies, other agents pharmaceutical companies, product sales points and resellers

Consulting firms

Consultants, certificate issuers, Certified Accountants, certified engineers

Financial institutions

Banks, insurance companies, tax offices, investment organizations, lending organizations

Public and health areas

Hospitals and health institutions, laboratories, ministries, local and central public services

Nowadays, more and more companies are getting rid of their dependence on paper documents and directing to work with electronic documents. However, the signing requirement prevented full digitization. A dynamic biometric signature eliminates this last obstacle and allows you to use all the benefits of electronic documents while retaining most of the benefits of traditional signatures. A fully automated process allows a demand to be shortened from days to minutes and provides greater safety and resistance to human error.


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