DocCastle Document Management System

Digitize your business with DocCastle’s cutting-edge technology and unrivalled investment/benefit ratio.

Documents management system, document management system, electronic archive, E-signature, REM, Office and more in one system


DocCastle is a document management system that offers all the features an organization needs for digital transformation in a single package.

Document Management System

DocCastle EDYS electronically carries all the physical documents in your business. This allows you to find, edit, and share the document you're looking for in seconds.

E-Signature, REM, E-Archive

DocCastle E-Signature, KEP and E-archive ensures that all documents and information in your business are legally signed and transmitted to institutions or organizations electronically.

Workflow & Process Management

DocCastle Workflow Management enables you to monitor all business processes in your business electronically. It increases communication between people, prevents time losses and provides transparency.

Powerful Document & Data Safety

DocCastle Information Security protects your business information in the most powerful way. Your employees can only see the documents that are allowed. Your documents are also protected against all viruses.

Free Office Programs

DocCastle free Office programs allow all users in your business to create, edit, and archive Word and Excel documents without purchasing MS Office.

Web, Desktop & Mobile Access

DocCastle lets you work from anywhere. You can provide WEB access from anywhere in the world, work from the computer in the office or connect from your mobile phone.

More than document management system

Equipped with unique features.

Belge Yönetim Sistemi

Add, edit & archive any type of document

Document Type/size, scanner model, etc. Factors not hinder! Add all documents.
Doküman Yönetim Sistemi Bilgi Yönetimi

Add, edit & archive any type of information

Manage all information related to quality management or Barker standards in the system.
Doküman Yönetim Sistemi Ücretsiz Exel Word

Use built-in office tools like Word & Excel

Create Word and Excel documents without requiring MS Office or any other program.
Belge Yönetim Sistemi Web Mobil

Easily access anytime, anywhere and from any device

Are you out there? No problem at all! Connect from any device that has the Internet.
İş Akış Yönetimi

Prepare, use and archive e-forms

Request form, work order, etc. in your business Execute all forms in the system.
E-İmza Elektronik İmza Kep Arşiv

Use online services like E-signature, E-archive & REM

Sign the documents with e-signature, send them to the archive, and submit them to the necessary institution with KEP.
İş Akışı & Süreç Yönetimi

Manage approval processes for all types of documents & forms

Install Workflow automation. Provide any document or information for approval.
Belge Yönetimi OCR (optik karakter tanıma)

Find what you're looking for in documents with powerful OCR

Quickly search and edit using text on scanned documents.
SAP, Logo, Mikro Belge Yönetim Sİstemi

Integrate into all third-party programs

Any ERP, CRM etc. Easily transfer information from the application to the system.
Doküman Yönetim Sistemi Mail

E-mail all documents, information and forms

Submit documents within the system that you need to share with your authority.
Kolay ve Hızlı EDYS

Adapt quickly and easily from day one

Work effortlessly between menus without getting lost and struggling with foreign terms.

Doküman Yönetim Sistemi Güvenlik

Work without worrying about security

Eliminate risks with a world-class security layer.
Performanslı Belge Yönetim Sistemi

Work seamlessly without deceleration

Enjoy an engineering Wonder document management system that works like clockwork.
SQL Belge Yönetimi

Make your own choice and stay connected

MSSQL, ORACLE, MYSQL etc. According to your budget and needs. Select the RDBMS.
Doküman Yönetim Sistemi API

Get the information you want with the easy and functional API

Need external access? Dominate all the information in the system with the ODATA API.
Doküman Yönetim Sistemi Destek

Get continuous, timely and expert support

Get support at any time from our expert team on the issues you encounter.

What our customers say


Dozens of customers from domestic and abroad have gained significant gains with DocCastle document management system.

"With the DocCastle document management system, we have gained great gains by including our extensive document traffic in automation. It became very easy to access, edit, and share documents as needed. In addition, we have significantly accelerated business processes through the approval system. "

Bora Işıner

General manager, Mogadishu Airport

"Before purchasing the DocCastle document management system, the paperwork was taking a lot of time to follow. Now the entire paperwork process is automatically monitored through the system. We are extremely pleased to use and recommend to everyone. " Serkan Sumar

Accounting Manager, Atılım Beton

"The LOGO accounting program that we are using with DocCastle document management system has been integrated very easily. We are very pleased to see that we have accelerated business processes and avoided the inaction thanks to the archiving and approval system. " Furkan Yavuzarslan

General Manager, Bross Socks

Integrate with other systems

DocCastle document management system with superior integration capability thanks to ERP etc. Works with integrated systems.

SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Logo, Mikro Belge Yönetimi

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DocCastle Document management System

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